Skateboarding: how China built group in advance of 2020 Summer Olympics – and why the game is right for you

For 5 hours a day, 22-12 months-vintage Liu Jiaming rides a short, narrow board with small wheels attached at both quit, and performs a sequence of hints such as jumps, flips and mid-air spins.
The native of Hubei province in central China became selected to join the newly installed countrywide skateboard crew after triumphing a countrywide championship in April in northern Henan province.
China’s General Administration of Sport and the Chinese Roller Sports Association had co-organised the event to locate the top performers among the 132 athletes from around China who took element. The national crew has 12 athletes, six guys and 6 ladies, who teach at its headquarters in Nanjing, eastern China.
Liu, who has been skateboarding half of his existence, became a complete-time professional on the age of 15. He was the first runner- up in the street segment, hung on a straight course equivalent to a street, with handrails, kerbs, benches, walls and slopes. Each competitor uses these functions to illustrate a variety of competencies. Judging takes into account such elements as the degree of difficulty of the tricks, peak, speed, originality, execution and the composition of movements.



“I never underwent systematic schooling earlier than joining the countrywide group. I am a street skateboarder. I had lived in Shenzhen [bordering Hong Kong] throughout my formative years and youth. I requested the skateboarders in Luohu and Futian to train me the skills,” Liu says.
He quit school after completing junior secondary to pursue a professional skateboarding career.

“I don’t like being advised what to do at school. I actually have my very own thoughts and desired to pursue my dreams,” he says. He has in view that joined about 70 skateboarding competitions in China, and sponsorships from fashion and skateboard tools corporations provide his livelihood.
Like other skateboarders, he is glad the game has finally gained government support after the International Olympic Committee introduced in 2016 that it would emerge as an Olympic occasion at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
A 12 months later, the first country wide skateboarding opposition changed into part of the National Games of the People’s Republic of China held in Tianjin, northeast China. The equal yr, the General Administration of Sport installation six education corps in Shenzhen, Nanjing, Shanghai, Shandong province within the east, Guizhou province inside the southwest, and Heilongjiang province within the northeast to nurture skate boarders.

Liu is from the Shanghai education corps.
“I turned into the oldest some of the trainees. The others are young kids who were scouted from martial arts schools, acrobatic troupes or other corporations. The children agreed to strive skateboarding and join the corps, training from 9am to 6pm every day, with a two-hour lunch smash.”
Liu does more schooling at domestic, to condition his ankles and thighs, and enhance his experience of stability.

“I have a springboard, stability board and yoga mats and balls,” he says. “A competition session lasts round a minute. If your thigh muscle isn’t strong enough, you will get too tired via the give up to finish the opposition movements.”
Skateboarding took off in China within the past due Eighties when Western movies which includes Gleaming the Cube (1989) offering the sport have been screened in China. In 1991, Beijing Sport University students set up the primary skateboarding corps with the sponsorship of a sports gadget employer.
A yr later, Powell Skateboards opened its first keep in China in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province. Powell organised China’s first skateboard competition in the metropolis in 1994. As extra sports activities brands organised greater competitions around China, greater younger people with a hankering for avenue cool took up the game.

After the countrywide government decided to assist the sport in its quest for medal glory in the 2020 Olympics, extra new skateboard venues sprang up round China. Nanjing has these days completed a 2,000 square metre skateboarding training centre with avenue and park venues to serve as the national team’s headquarters.
Park competitions take area on a path with curves – resembling empty pools and dome-shaped bowls. The curved surfaces upward thrust steeply, with the higher a part of the incline either vertical or almost vertical, allowing skilled skateboarders to achieve colossal heights through mountain climbing the curves at speed to carry out mid-air hints.
In Beijing, skateboarding enthusiast Yang Zi opened his first skateboarding venue in Madianqiao in Beijing in 2017. The 1,500 rectangular metre indoor venue has street and park sections for holding classes and expert competitions. He opened a 2nd venue in Tongzhou District, additionally in Beijing, closing year.

Yang Zi, who took up the sport whilst he became 26 years old, opened his first skateboard tools store in Beijing in 2006 and has on account that branched into manufacturing tools for his very own skateboard fashion brand Burning Ice. He is of the same opinion the Olympic Games inclusion has boosted the game’s reputation.
“Instead of being visible as a shape of underground dodgy interest like in the past, the game have become a supply of tremendous energy.” He provides many dad and mom enrol their youngsters in classes to teach them to be resilient and to deal with adversity.
For Liu, mastering the game makes him sense “cool” and he is taking satisfaction in triumphing competitions. In 2011, at the age of 15, he beat 60 contestants from around China to win his first championship in a national opposition, within the semi-professional segment of the Nike City Jam Series. This win scored him sponsorship from intense sports activities brand DC Shoes.

In 2014, he represented China and came 1/3 in the street segment on the 2014 Asian Beach Games in Phuket, Thailand – his first win for his country.
China’s possibilities for 2020 Olympic glory in the men’s skateboarding debut are not vibrant, Liu says, as China lags in the back of the West at the guys’s professional degree.
“Foreigners have been doing it for decades. Our countrywide team has just been shaped. It’s difficult for the male athletes to win at the worldwide degree. But our girl athletes, who make up 1/2 of the 12-strong national team, have appropriate potentialities.”

A wheely healthful recreation
According to everskate.Com, a international platform for promoting newbie skate boarders, “Skateboarding is a game, an art shape, a life-style and a tradition. The proper that we get out of skateboarding is countless”. It presents a complete-frame exercise that involves rolling down ramps called 1/2-pipes, doing flips and other gymnastic actions.

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