Amanda Pelkey is among 200 professional hockey gamers protesting insufficient compensation via refusing to play in any seasoned leagues in North America this season.

The Montpelier native helped convey domestic a gold medal within the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea and has played hockey for the Boston Pride of the National Women’s Hockey League.


Pelkey described NWHL contracts as “basically gas money” and stated the very best paid NWHL agreement for this season was $6,000. An announcement shared on Twitter in advance this month via numerous gamers stated some gamers earn as low as $2,000. According to the statement, the contracts do not now consist of health insurance.

Pelkey referred to the NWHL is best in its fifth yr. Still, she stated, she and her colleagues are demanding “an expert league this is sustainable,” financially strong, and which treats its players “like experts.”

Pelkey mentioned the collective protest as a “hole 12 months” and called it “considered one of the most important things that we collectively can do.”