The disbanding of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League and the narrowing of North American girls’ hockey back off to 1 expert league—the us-based NWHL—isn’t always precisely surprising, even if the sudden statement on Sunday may have come as a surprise. For quite a while now, the human beings in a function to create one unified girls’ hockey league talked about doing just that. One league makes feel, and it’d had been useful for players, enthusiasts, and the competing leagues now not to have their size and skills pool confined using the separation. Technically, now, one league is a reality.


The trouble with the CWHL folding is that the only-league solution has now been forced on North America without any of the blessings it might carry. Rather than the combined sources of the NWHL and the CWHL increasing the scope of ladies’ hockey, the NWHL is now saddled with the burden of filling the void left via the CWHL while staying afloat financially. By all appearances, they’ll be seeking to do that without any help from Gary Bettman, which makes the project even more difficult.

Back in 2018, it looked at one league turned into going to happen more smoothly, with cooperation from each the CWHL and NWHL. “One league is inevitable,” NWHL commissioner Dani Rylan bluntly told the AP in October. “We get this achieved. It’s on us, and we embrace the venture.” In July, intervening time, CWHL commissioner Jayna Hefford stated that one league turned into “a priority.”

“It’s certainly something we need to parent out,” she stated. “I’m looking to apprehend what the challenges are, what the roadblocks are and try to discern out a manner to get us to the point wherein we’ve one sincerely professional ladies’ hockey league.” The most useful character in North American hockey, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, has also expressed assistance for one league, even though in a greater indirect way.

There are two leagues. The business fashions are a bit challenged. I’m not sure there are enough skills at this factor in time for two leagues under the proper occasions,” Bettman said at the 2018 Hockey Hall of Fame induction press convention. The CWHL and the NWHL met in January to talk about the stairs wanted for unification and had deliberate in doing so once more in April. Now, the NWHL’s hand has been forced by using the CWHL’s dying. According to The Athletic, an NWHL supply says that the league will observe obtaining one or two Canadian teams for next season, even though they’d nearly be groups from Montreal or Toronto due to the prohibitive journey costs of getting a group in, say, Alberta.

“The CWHL’s Calgary franchise could no longer be possible unless a primary donor stepped in to help the NWHL with fees,” the article stated. This is the top place as any to note that the NWHL has its properly-documented economic problems. While the league saw achievement this season with quite high attendance for the enlargement of Minnesota Whitecaps, led through Kendall Coyne-Schofield, and won the identity in March, Rylan said the Whitecaps are the primary NWHL group to turn an income. In past years, the league made other headlines for slashing already-modest salaries than for anything at the ice.

The truth that we’re right down to one ladies’ league and that the NWHL doesn’t have the resources to cowl the territory left behind through the stop of the CWHL units up a wonderfully logical way for ladies’ hockey in North American to keep: The NHL taking the position of that essential “primary donor” and choosing up the tab as an investment to grow the sport. But that appears most unlikely in the interim. In an assertion launched after the CWHL’s assertion, NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly essentially said that the NHL would handiest step in to guide a league in a worst-case financial state of affairs.* (See replace under)

“We apprehend the importance of girls having alternatives to play the game at an expert degree,” he said. “If those options have been to end up unavailable in the destiny, we might recollect doing what’s important to fill that void. But that’s no longer the case currently.”
That echoes what Bettman has stated within the beyond: the NHL is best interested in a girls’ league if they can begin it from scratch without competition. “If in some unspecified time in the future the leagues say, ‘We’ve had enough, we don’t see this as an extended-time period solution, we’d like you to start up, and we’ll discontinue operations,’ then we’ll do it. But we’re now not pushing it,” he stated in September. “If we’re going to get concerned, it can’t fail, which means that it has to be on us.”