How much of an avid golfer do you think you are? Are you completely addicted and play every day if possible? Are you a fair-weather player and only turn up when the weather is perfect? If you’re like most people, once every few months is usually about the common frequency that life will allow.

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This infrequency can lead to when you finally have that chance to make it outplay, and you’re going to need one hell of a warmup to get your game back to its peak. The good idea is to head down a little earlier than your allocated tee off time so that you can get in a few practice shots. This will give you time to concentrate on your swing and work any hooks, slices, or bad forms you may have developed and correct them.

By focusing your thoughts and make a few slight adjustments. It usually doesn’t take too long to get your drives and fairway shots back to normal. Of course, this will never account for the uneven lie you may experience in a game, but working out your form before adding this variable will definitely help.

After hitting out, a few nice practice drives, you should also practice your lob shots. Many courses will have a practice green and sandpit near the clubhouse for just this reason. The swing stroke for this type of shot will be somewhat similar to that of a drive, and your muscle memory should adapt to this pretty quickly. It’s important to ensure that you keep your head down and swing all the way through the ball.

Putting, however, is never quite as easy to pick back up. It wise to begin to practice putting on a hole not too far away to ensure you get a feeling for the green surface, primarily its speed and undulation. Drop a few balls and find a cup to aim for about 3-4 meters away. Many people have their own different techniques to work on this. A good suggestion is to break down, isolate the different elements of a putt, and then make adjustments. The power, the line to the cup, if you need to adjust for uphill or downhill and left to right. It doesn’t matter how early you arrived; you will find that the time you allocated to practice is never quite enough.

If you want to really improve at putting, it will take time. Time to repeat your stroke. Time to get your swing right. Time to get your eye in and read the green. Time to work out the exact amount of power required. It will also take time to get to the practice green and back.

There is an alternative that can really get you on top of your game. People are now looking at installing a putting green at home. It doesn’t require a huge amount of space, and there are several other benefits. Your lawn maintenance costs, as well as time, are almost eliminated, with duties such as mowing the lawn and removing weeds with pesticides gone. You might still need to clear away leaves and other debris from time to time, but this will largely depend on the surrounding greenery. Space can also easily be used for many other activities that you would normally use your yard for.

These days, artificial grass products are so close to a real golfing green, and there are also synthetic golfing grasses for the collar, fringe, and fairway golf grass. These are created in different heights, softness, and wear ratings; you can pick one that will best suit your needs, as well as your available space.

Expert designers can help you create the right elements needed to have different undulation and slopes, generating a challenging course but not impossible. They’ll also build it in a way to address drainage and moisture levels. Once installed, you can easily step into your backyard and practice nailing a few puts, so you’re ready for your next game!

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