Are you in the market for a new golf bag? The options can be overwhelming because the variations are endless, and it can be hard to notice all the differences.

With a little help, you can reduce the number of options based on your personal preferences. How you play the game and what you like to bring along can make all the differences as you shop for a new bag.

Golf Guide

Use our golf guide below to help you find the perfect new bag for your next outing to the fairway.


One of the best ways to determine which golf bags are best for you is by weight. Are you okay with a little extra weight, or is it imperative you have a lightweight bag?

Any golf club guide will tell you that a Sunday bag (or a carry bag) is a super lightweight option. Determining first how much weight you’re willing to carry (or haul, if you’re riding in a cart) can help you narrow down the choices for your next golf bag.

Golf Guide: Walk or Ride?

Consider whether you’ll be walking or riding in a golf cart when you’re using your new golf bag. There are different types of bags based on your preferences.

If you are riding, consider a cart bag, one that’s bigger and holds more. These are smaller and less flashy than a staff bag, however, which all the professionals use.

Suppose you’ll be walking the green, one of the best ways to boost your mental health, consider a stand bag. These are easier to carry, with comfortable straps, and they come with a stand so you can lean the bag on its legs while you’re playing. The legs form a tripod, creating a sturdy base.


Think about the way you like to organize your bag. Do you want full-length dividers?

How many pockets do you need? If you only need one for irons and one for woods, then you can choose a bag with more minimalist organization options. For more particular sorting, you may want more pockets.

Check for a golf bag price guide on each website when you’re shopping around. You may be surprised by the difference in price between models with a few dividers and those with more.

Budget for Extras

One last consideration is the extras on your bag, like hooks for your bag tags or a place to put your towel.

You may want an umbrella clip if you live in a tropical climate with a rainy season. During these months, it often rains for a short time every morning. When you’re golfing in the mornings, it might be nice to have an extra place to put your umbrella.

Yet you may also consider extras like this unnecessary. Be sure you know which luxuries and accessories you consider vital. Some of these can drive the price up, so you’ll have to factor the bonus features into your budget.

The Ultimate Golf Bag

With this golf guide, you’ll be able to narrow down your search. Based on your preferences for weight, walking or riding, and organization, you can develop a budget and more strategic shopping experience.

With a new golf bag, you’ll be able to enjoy your game in style!

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