Life at the Water for $2,000 a Month on Isla Mujeres

John Pasnau releases the stern line on his 36-foot cabin cruiser, Fish Trap, and settles into one of the deck chairs. Chatting with his buddies even as his captain expertly vehicles the craft out of the harbor and into the warm, turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, John is serving as host and manual for the coming day on the water.
“We’re doing the standard Sunday Funday cruise,” says John. “If the weather cooperates, we take a boatload of buddies out for a day of snorkeling, diving, and spearfishing. Today have to be awesome.”
John and his wife, Valerie, live on the small island of Isla Mujeres, just offshore of Cancún alongside Mexico’s famed Riviera Maya.
“We have been fed up with life up north. The taxes had been killing us, and the fee of living had gotten out of hand. We’d been to Mexico before, as well as other famous locations,” John remembers. “But when we took our excursion to Isla Mujeres in 2010, it appealed to us as no other vicinity had. We sold out and got here to Isla in September of 2014. We knew we had observed our place.”
John has been seriously involved with boating for years. “I’ve owned a boat for decades, even when we lived up in the northeast. I didn’t get as a whole lot use out of it then as I do now, of direction,” he says.
Island lifestyles, for the Parnassus, is centered around their network on Isla Mujeres. They are profoundly concerned with a neighborhood children’s charity, in which John serves as a mentor. They also assist local artists marketplace their paintings.
“There is plenty to do on Isla Mujeres, and we not often go extra than multiple days without being at the water. Weather depending, of course,” says John.
“It’s not unusual for spear-fishermen, equipped with handiest a snorkel and mask, to take their limits of grouper, snapper, and lobster in some hours,” John adds. “You don’t want to be Scuba licensed. There are masses to see along the reef, and the hunting is ideal and no longer too deep, so snorkeling works well.”
John says his typical day on the water combines numerous sports, relying upon the wishes of the guests onboard. “We continually set up multiple fishing strains on the manner out of the harbor. Might as nicely drag some bait behind the boat as we’re cruising, and we nearly constantly convey home dinner.”
It’s smooth to recognize why John and Valerie love Isla Mujeres. The heat turquoise waters teem with fish, dolphins, and sea turtles; they’re ideal for all water sports. The island, while small at 5 miles long and a half of-mile extensive, has all the essentials. And what can’t be determined on the island is available in Cancún. John and Valerie personal motor scooters, which provide the right transportation across the island.
According to John and Valerie, the fee of life in paradise is around $2,000 a month. But that doesn’t include any of the boat prices.
“Our friends generally make a contribution gasoline money every Sunday. That’s usually wonderful, but to tell you the truth, even though they didn’t, I’d have the boat out at the water. It’s the Caribbean, in any case,” John says.

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