Like most other sports, golf experienced an abrupt stop for the first few months of the pandemic. In the past year, however, golf experienced a surge in popularity as more people began to value time outdoors. According to the National Golf Foundation, golf businesses were already on a 19% incline before the pandemic. In more recent months, the sector has grown steadily at a rate of 21% in 2021.

As more people participate in the sport, both beginners and seasoned players are learning the importance of having the right gear. This is the perfect time to upgrade your current set or purchase some new items. So, here are four accessories you can invest in to help improve your golf game:

1. Golf Head Covers

Today’s golf clubs are exceptionally sturdy and high quality as they are made with strong metal alloys. However, all clubs are prone to damage when in transit. As you walk the entirety of the golf course, your clubs will be jostling around in your golf bag. The heads and shafts will end up hitting each other, causing nicks and scuffs that reduce the value of your clubs, affect your swings, and create a bit of an eyesore along the way. If you intend on using your clubs long-term or selling them in the future, then it’s essential to keep them in the best condition possible. Investing in a set of good quality club head covers will provide padded protection that minimizes clatter and prevents unwanted damage.

2. Golf hat

While simple, a golf hat is one of the most important accessories to have when you’re out on the course. It serves as your protective gear against harmful UV rays while shielding your eyes from the glare of the sun. Sun protection is essential when golfing because of the prolonged exposure to the elements. Data from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey revealed that approximately 4.3 million adults receive some form of skin cancer treatment each year. By wearing a good golf cap it ensures you are protected at all times. Maybe even go for a trucker hat silhouette so that you have a decent visor that will shield your face from the sun. It’s best to choose a neutral tone so that you can pair it with your golf ensemble.

3. Sports watch

Like many other trends, the pandemic resulted in a lot of people becoming hyperaware about getting fit and healthy, leading to a surge in smartwatch sales. Smartwatches are designed for every sport imaginable, including golf. Golfers can benefit from wearable tech as it helps them track their plays with ease. Smart devices also have useful built-in functions like GPS and allow you to monitor your health. The Garmin Approach S10 GPS Golf Watch, for instance, is a sleek, lightweight watch with a high-resolution and sunlight-readable display that provides yardages, hazards, and doglegs on more than 41,000 courses worldwide. You can even keep score on the watch, which lasts for about 12 hours on GPS golf mode. Having a handy accessory like this can make golfing that much more enjoyable and efficient.

4. Den Caddy

If you’re an avid golfer, then the den caddy is a must for you. It’s essentially a miniature version of a golf bag designed to store golf balls and other small items, such as ball markers and tees. When choosing the right den caddy for your needs, look for features such as easy access to pockets, and compartments. Titleist produces some of the most popular ones. Their bestseller even has a removable belly panel for customization. When looking for one of your own, keep an eye out for convenient carrying options such as grab handles and detachable shoulder straps, too.

When it comes to golfing, having the right gear is half the battle. Whether you’re out on the courses or having fun with mini golf, these accessories are worth investing in.

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