Florida has a fever or something. That’s the handiest rational manner to explain the infinite fount of weird testimonies from the kingdom about people getting arrested for the type of chaos that screenwriters are typically employed to dream up.

The Rolodex of madness is ever-growing. In these days’ southeastern U.S. News, a man was arrested for driving a golf cart on surface roads—now not a golf route—even reportedly three instances over the criminal restriction. In this example, the perpetrator became Fireball, all of us’s least preferred shot at obtaining a bar from an overzealous college pal. WFTV-9 reviews that forty five-12 months-old Dean Hooks changed into pulled over by deputies in Sumter County (west of Orlando) on Thursday night time after a name changed into made that Hooks became sound asleep off in the back of the wheel of a golfing cart, waiting for a crimson mild to exchange. The record shows that the scenario did not enhance from there:

Hooks regarded groggy, his eyes had been watery and bloodshot, he smelled of alcohol, and he had trouble answering easy questions, including while he was asked for his call, investigators said. They said he had become very protective when he become requested his address and his date of beginning. Deputies said Hooks informed them he no longer usually wears glasses, but he had a couple of crystals hanging from his shirt.

An open bottle of Fireball and four other miniatures have been located on Hooks’ person. He then proceeded to supply the form of field check to make you double-test it to make sure you examine it properly: Investigators stated Hooks provided breath samples, which registered alcohol concentrations of zero.285 g/210L and zero.292 g/210L. The prison restriction in Florida is zero.08 g/210L.

Has something top ever happened within the wake of cracking open a bottle of Fireball, to mention not anything of eventually getting behind the wheel of a golfing cart? It unleashes something almost Four Loko-Ian in the customer. In that admiration, it would make for a healthy, reliable Sunshine State whiskey. As a reminder, we must now not deliver. However, we usually will never drink and power, ever, for any cause. No, it does not remember what you’re driving.

I love my cast iron skillet. Those dang things are indestructible—oh, how I’ve attempted, not on purpose of the route. I’ve put Ol’ Lodgey thru the wringer, baking cheesy casseroles and over-caramelized cobbler fillings and searing a T-bone or a few sunglasses north of black, and still, my skillet continues ticking. So I’ve usually questioned, how do solid iron skillets get produced? The solution, as with most things in existence, maybe discovered on that magical site called YouTube, which I’ve embedded above and is very much your five minutes. This same YouTube channel also shows you how a Le Creuset Dutch oven is made, which is remarkably just like the forged iron skillet system. And there are those too, showing how a Henckels chef’s knife and KitchenAid stand mixer are produced. If you’re into artisan craft porn, this YouTube channel is a rabbit hollow. [Kevin Pang]

After years of lobbying from the union representing restaurant and bar employees at Miami International Airport, airport restaurant determines agency HMS Host ultimately agreed to remain in November to upload an 18 percentage tip to visitor tests robotically. Workers praised the alternate, announcing it extensively multiplied their take-domestic pay. But their victory changed into quick-lived, as the Miami Herald reviews the Miami-Dade County aviation branch has advised eating places to put off the automatic gratuity through April 15.

An airport consultant instructed the Herald a visitor grievance spurred the trade, although some airport eating places have brought the automated gratuity for years. The aviation department cites a 1975 county code stating airport employees can’t “solicit a tip” and has instructed airport restaurants they may add a counseled tip quantity or vicinity tip jars on counters. Workers are devastated. One who worked at a chicken eating place and spoke to the Herald was reportedly in tears describing the brand new policy, announcing, “Tips are 1/2 of what I make.

How am I going to feed my children and pay my payments?” As restaurants around the usa grapple with tipping regulations and healthcare surcharges, it’s well worth studying the whole article for the workers’ accounts of ways the automatic gratuity policy affected their paychecks. In response to the employees’ outcry, Miami mayor Carlos Gimenez has pledged to have his body of workers rewrite the 1975 code that prohibited an automated tipping coverage, effectively allowing the car suggestions to be reinstated.

Why did Miami’s airport institute automatic suggestions inside the first region? We have a variety of unanswered questions. Can clients ask to take it off? How were they even made aware of this coverage? Was it listed as a line object on the invoice? And if it becomes mandatory (and The Takeout firmly supports the idea of generous tipping), what form of felony challenges did such a coverage face? Was it supplied as a carrier price?

Reportedly, many international travelers passing thru the airport weren’t aware of America’s tipping policies and would now not leave a gratuity. (Only half of the passengers via Miami are on domestic flights, the Herald notes.) The county’s aviation fee has warned airport eating places in opposition to the automated tip earlier than; however, while many flouted this steerage, the county didn’t observe up. There are masses of details to this tale, including minimal-salary laws and union negotiations, so supply the full Herald article your attention.