Emma Bittorf represented Canada at the 2019 World Games in Abu Dhabi last March.
Bittorf became a participating athlete for golfing on the video games and shone at the course shooting three rounds of 56 and the very last round taking pictures a 55, earning her a silver medal.

Earning Games

15-year-old Emma Bittorf earned her spot on Team Canada and became the youngest member of the group, “That felt exquisite to me due to the fact I couldn’t accept as true with that I become the youngest man or woman of our whole complete crew Canada,” said Bittorf Bittorf took up golf seven years in the past, with a love of the outside and spending time together with her circle of relatives golfing provided both. Bittorf keeps to practice and notice enhancements in her game but still sees challenges in a few areas, ” Putting because it’s difficult for me to hold it regular whilst I’m playing, it is brilliant tough.”

While in Abu Dhabi, highlights for Bittorf include seeing one of her favorite singers Avril Lavinge perform inside the establishing ceremonies and attending to tour the area and take her first camel trip. Along with golfing, Bittorf also takes part in figure skating and runs toward earning a gap as part of group Alberta and going to Ontario to compete in Nationals. Golfing and determine skating isn’t always all that Bittorf takes component in, “I even have an entire list of what I do with Special Olympics, golfing, determine skating, swimming, skiing, and basketball.” The Sunridge Calgary Golf Town supports Bittorf by letting her use the simulator all through the iciness to continue training year-round.

Darren Bittorf expressed his gratitude for the guide that his daughter has obtained from the local community, in addition to the Strathmore Golf Club, ” Brian, there have given up a number of his time to assist her and deliver some tidbits on putting and sand play,” with this assist Bittorf is excited to work towards her new dreams. Bittorf is presently ranked eighth globally and could continue to exercise frequently and hone her competencies and is aiming to head returned to the world stage in Germany in 2023 to symbolize Team Canada all over again.

No clips ultra-modern documentary, an hour-long exploration of the improvement of the popular spacefaring indie game Astronomer, doesn’t seem like a regular YouTube video.
Its lengthy runtime is matched with a correctly meaty tale. It starts with the formation of developer System Era Softworks, and it goes thru Astronomer’s heady publish-launch days whilst hundreds of hundreds of copies were offered and big-call Twitch streamers picked up the game.

The Untold Story Behind Astronomer’s Difficult Development” additionally deftly touches on a darker tale that’s largely unknown, related to the demise of one of the studio’s founding contributors now not lengthy after the game launched in early get right of entry to. It’s a hard watch that shows an aspect of game development that we hardly ever see.

The video additionally breaks some of the conventions of gaming coverage on YouTube. Not only is it long, but it’s absolutely without advertising, and it fails to cater to YouTube’s all-effective algorithm. That’s par for the course for Noclip because it was released in 2016. “I knew it wasn’t going to get that lots traffic, but it’s one of the essential things we’ve achieved,” Noclip founder Danny O’Dwyer says of the Astronomer video.

It’s one where I may want to show my mother and father, and that they’d understand [game development].” Noclip changed into based in 2016, and it differs from most gaming channels on YouTube. Instead of making a living from monetized motion pictures, Noclip is funded completely through Patreon, in which it rakes in more than $23,000 in keeping with a month from near 5,000 buyers. Instead of the personality-pushed insurance that dominates the space, the channel focuses nearly absolutely on the games themselves and the folks that make them. O’Dwyer, alongside a small group of contributing freelancers, has controlled to take gain of systems like YouTube and Patreon in a way that has allowed him to create exactly what he desires without worrying approximately troubles like view counts or demonetization. “We’re breaking so many rules,” he says.

O’Dwyer has worked in video game journalism for a while. After university, he spent a decade working as an internet developer while doing unpaid freelance games paintings at the facet. At age 26, he sooner or later broke in with a job at the United Kingdom branch of Gamespot. There he steps by step moved up the ranks, subsequently transferring over to the US office in San Francisco. He hosted several indicates at the same time as at Gamespot. Still, one of his favorite things becomes attending preview activities — the kinds in which a big organization of press play a recreation early and speak to the developers approximately it — and seeking to create something similar to a video cover tale approximately the game in a query. “We always notion it might be a laugh venture to visit those preview activities and, rather than simply trying to get a headline, we concept if we put a piece of production at the back of it, we can make this stuff look cool,” O’Dwyer explains.