He’s finished his first race for governor, but Kevin Stitt continues to be going for walks.
In anticipation of his participation in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, Stitt joined me for a 30-minute education run through Gathering Place and Tulsa RiverParks Friday.
It became a super day for a run inside the park, and Stitt is a good training partner — now not too fast, no longer too slow, and he got here with a state trooper in case absolutely everyone needed CPR.


Stitt, 46, is self-deprecating on the running trail. However, he has excellent athletic credentials. He performed excessive college soccer, completed an Olympic-widespread triathlon in his 30s, and ran the Tulsa Run in 1:48 in 2012.

Hobie Higgins, the governor’s friend seeing that university and “Chief Fun Officer” for the Stitt-based Gateway Mortgage Group, turned into considered one of our going for walks companions Friday. He additionally went along with Stitt on that triathlon. He reviews that the governor has an addiction to negative-mouthing his powerful capabilities until the starting gun is going off when you see him disappear over the horizon.

In his State of the State speech, Stitt announced that he would be a part of a 5-individual relay crew inside the Oklahoma City marathon on April 28. Any relay team that beats the governor’s squad wins an “I Beat the Governor” T-shirt in the Governor’s Relay Challenge.
Running at the governor’s team might be Secretary of Digital Transformation David Ostrowe, Secretary of Agriculture Blayne Arthur, Secretary of Public Safety Chip Keating, and Tulsa businessman Corbin McGuire, an established buddy, and chairman of the Stitt marketing campaign for governor.

To get equipped for the race, Stitt has been trying to lace up his going for walks footwear three times per week in Oklahoma City; however, being governor from time to time gets inside the way of being a runner.

There’s more than merely physical fitness worried in the governor’s workout routines.
As we struggled up a hill near the quiet of our afternoon, he put it in a context of public policy. Oklahomans are too sedentary. That weakens our team of workers and increases our fitness care prices.

Stitt says there are loads of transferring pieces to answer the kingdom’s fitness care troubles, but promoting self-obligation must be a part of it. Stitt says he has to version wholesome wellbeing for all Oklahomans. Stitt isn’t the first Oklahoma governor who wanted to reform a state that eats an excessive amount of and moves too little, even though the position of a role model has been a bit uneven at times.

In 1993, I went on a blistering four-mile run thru downtown Oklahoma City streets with then-Gov. David Walters at five a.M. It left me with wobbly legs, even though I’d by no means admit that to Walters. George Nigh, I’ve been instructed, used to swim laps in the antique Governor’s Mansion swimming pool and preferred an occasional tennis sport.
I as soon as asked what Henry Bellmon did to stay in form. “Farming” changed into the solution. Mary Fallin labored out on a stepper while hip problems and an eventual replacement allowed it.

When you’re strolling with the governor on a sunny spring day, you appeal to interest. Stitt is a recognizable face. He waved to all of us going the other way, excessive-fived one thrilled Gathering Place traveler, and stopped for a photo with 3 Union simple faculty instructors who had brought their instructions to the park for an area ride.

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