Former Auburn head educates Tommy Tuberville tweeted on Saturday that he’s strolling for one of Alabama’s seats within the U.S. Senate. As if that weren’t weird enough, CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd reports that noted gum-swallower, and previous White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, might be running for the campaign in some ability. Less weird, however, is the fact that Tuberville could be strolling as a Republican and included #MAGA in his tweet.

Former Auburn Coach Tommy Tuberville Is Running For U.S. Senate And Sean Spicer Is Going To Be On His Campaign Team Because Everything Is Stupid All The Time 1

This announcement comes approximately two years after Tuberville turned into exploring the opportunity of going for walks for governor of Alabama. Some believed that Tuberville—who once went on Sean Hannity’s TV show to impeach why President Barack Obama had not released his beginning certificate to the general public—believed he had a chance to at least make a splash with the electorate for the reason that he had a few experiences campaigning in the form of looking to curry prefer with AP electorate in the press box. But that dream came to an give up a couple of months later while he, in the long run, decided now not to run.
This time, however, he seems a piece more severe. Tuberville—who once said Lubbock, Tex. “looked like Iraq”—has a website for his marketing campaign in which the simplest element you can do in the intervening time join up for a mailing list.

Should this campaign preserve beyond the state’s Senate Republican primary on March three, 2020, Tuberville might be up against Sen. Doug Jones as his number one challenger in November of that same yr. That of the path is a big “if,” but the primary is arguably the most significant hurdle of the previous college coach. Tuberville—who left his job at Texas Tech for Cincinnati inside the middle of a dinner with Red Raider recruits—would be going for walks in a state whose voters had been quite rattling close to electing a man who turned into credibly accused of sexually preying on teenage ladies. If that wasn’t enough to convince Alabama citizens that Roy Moore should now not be anywhere close to public office, I can’t believe a scenario where the identical electorate might pick out to support a Democrat over a rather nicely-liked (in Alabama) former college coach—even if he did something like, say, smacking a team of workers member on tv.

If not anything else, this marketing campaign is guaranteed to turn out to be insufferable because Sean Spicer is going to be thrust into the general public eye once more and likely will turn out to be making up shit about Tuberville’s training report or something. I can already listen to the voice of our tremendous wet president’s former lackey arguing that Auburn’s three-2 win over Mississippi State in 2008 changed into honestly an awesome sport in case you cross back and study the tape.

As has been said on this site earlier, we live in hell, so there’s a near assure that we’re merely underneath a pair years far away from a sitting U.S. Senator finishing his swearing-in rite with “damn struggle eagle.” Tonight’s WWE Hall of Fame rite in Brooklyn become in brief derailed when a person in a rasta cap jumped into the hoop and took down wrestler Bret Hart at some point of his speech. How an awful lot did Vince McMahon pay that guy? Hart became on the level with Natalya, the daughter of the overdue Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, to induce the tagging crew The Hart Foundation while the rando crawled thru the ropes and took him down. Very speedy, a bunch of wrestlers and attendees swarmed the invader. Here’s what appears to be the best attitude, due to the fact WWE Network reduce away: