The gym at Ecole Harbour Landing School was transformed for one night right into a junior golfing club for a brand new application that teaches kids how to golf.

Paul Schatz with the Tor Hill Golf Course started out coaching their own family night golfing faculties to get kids inquisitive about the sport.

“With any sport, gaining knowledge of and growing the real abilties is greater via fun and getting out and doing it,” said Schatz, who is also the Regina Junior Golf Club president.

Watch out Tiger Woods: free application teaches Regina youngsters to golfing 1

The free nightly program supplied at a few public faculties in Regina is given to students from kindergarten through to Grade 8.

The kids are given instructions on putting, chipping, pitching, and weight transfer.

David Callandar added his two ladies to the consultation as a manner to introduce them to the game.

“I’m eager to get my daughters into playing golf because I love the game,” Callander said. “Brooke Henderson is a large megastar in Canada. I’d like them to turn out to be big stars too.”

Although many kids have by no means picked up a club before, many already realize what makes the ideal shot.

“You need attention to determine how long you want to shoot it and which manner you should shoot it,” said one participant.

Schatz said the reaction has been overwhelming, with extra than 60 kids attending the inaugural classes.

“Watching youngsters exceed at something brings out sheer entertainment,” Schatz said. “As a teacher, there’s nothing better than seeing a kid with a large smile on their face once they hit an absolutely properly shot.”