Rick Reilly has a problem with Donald Trump, and it isn’t the standard one for those whose words or deeds positioned them in the critical crosshairs of the president of America.
Reilly, one of the maximum a hit sportswriter of his technology, has written an e-book depicting Trump as a liar, cheat, and braggart — and that’s merely the warm-up act — however, Trump has but to reply.

Rick Reilly’s new e-book: How golfing Bob Ford 1

The president isn’t stated for his restraint about firing lower back at his foes on social media. In his extra than 800 days in the workplace, Trump has thumbed out an extra 30,000 posts on Twitter. He has commented on the whole thing from the Super Bowl to Penn Jillette’s Las Vegas act to the Florida Power and Light utility business enterprise, but now not but a whisper regarding Commander in Cheat, Reilly’s 244-page exam of ways Trump’s golf recreation famous his authentic character.

Would a stray tweet be excessive to ask for a man seeking to promote a few books? “For me, you get sensible?” Reilly says. “I want him to tweet. I’ve were given a basement to redo.” This is unlikely. One can’t imagine Reilly has behind schedule shopping the laminate paneling for the ping-pong room due to this. During more than two a long time at Sports Illustrated, some years at ESPN, and over a career that has produced a dozen books and a few a success screenplays, Reilly has accomplished nicely enough for himself. He and his wife stay on a serene stretch of the Pacific Ocean, besides, of a route, for the two months a year they spend in Italy.

He “retired” five years in the past, to pay attention to novels and screenplays, and changed into stirred from his coffee-keep noodling handiest with the aid of the golfing exploits of Donald J. Trump. “This man becomes placing an orange splotch on my recreation,” Reilly says.

Now, the book is out — it becomes officially released Tuesday — and the author wants as many people as possible to peer it (read: buy it) and recognize just how the president’s loathsome habits on the golf path translate into comparable conduct within the Oval Office, or underneath whichever golfing-inn table his spikes happen to rest.

The first weeks are the maximum crucial, and the New York Times bestseller listing is in which you discover the reputable standings. It is a touch like the early university soccer scores. If Reilly (Michigan) starts offevolved the season behind Preet Bharara (Oklahoma), or John Grisham (Clemson), or, God assist him, Michelle Obama (Alabama), correct good fortune making up ground before the big bowl weekend (Father’s Day).

In place of Trump’s assist, Reilly is hustling. He held a studying and e-book signing Thursday hosted via Wellington Square Books in Exton. That turned into just one forestall on a three-day New York-to-Washington blur that blanketed appearances on NPR, CNN, MSNBC, and a few late-night varieties suggest, and plenty of radio hits as he bunkered down in inn rooms alongside the way. It was then a Friday redeye back to Los Angeles, and the same kind of tour up and down the West Coast. It seemed like paintings.

“This is something I had to get off my chest. I did now not revel in this. I got anger blisters typing,” Reilly said as he devours dinner on Thursday after the reading, his first real meal in days, according to him. “If you cheat at golf, you cheat at elections; you cheat on your taxes, you cheat in your spouse. This e-book is trying to get that across. Maybe I don’t realize politics, but I recognize golf. This guy’s a scumbag.”

Reilly grew up in a golfing own family in Boulder, Colo., and turned into taught to appreciate the strict codes of the way the game should be performed. His late father respected Jack Nicklaus and wore a yellow shirt every round as a nod to the Bear’s attire at some stage in the final day of the 1986 Masters. Every 12 months, while the prolonged Reilly extended family gathers to play and remember the older adult, anyone wears a yellow blouse. So, yeah, these things run deep with him.