15 new PC video games we are excited for in 2019


It’s time. We’ve rounded up all our quality games of 2018, then accompanied that up with every other bunch of video games you might’ve missed. We’ve carried out lots of retrospectives to shut out the yr. Now it’s our hazard to look in advance at a packed spring time table (and past), rounding up all the video games we’re most excited about for 2019.
That part is prime: Most excited about. That method you’ll locate some apparent alternatives here, like Metro Exodus. You’ll also locate some smaller, greater niche alternatives like Disco Elysium, Heaven’s Vault, and The Occupation. And its method this isn’t always a complete listing. It’s just our favorites.
Sorry in advance if we reduce your preferred game from the listing.

Resident Evil 2 – January 25
The first principal PC release of 2019 is Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake ($60 preorder on Humble), due to launch at the give up of January. It’s probably the safest viable bet Capcom may want to make after the formidable first-individual pivot of Resident Evil VII. The Resident Evil 2 remake brings again all the lovers’ old favorites. Leon’s here! And Claire! And Ada Wong! And Raccoon City! Also, it’s been redone to use the over-the-shoulder camera from Resident Evil IV!
It’s like a mashup of every body’s favored Resident Evils. That’s less thrilling (to me at least) than a right Resident Evil VII observe-up, however, it’ll be exceptional to have this conventional tale playable on current machines, and with mechanics befitting a 2019 video game. So long, fixed digicam angles. Adios, tank controls. We can go higher now.

The Occupation – February 5
The Occupation turned into presupposed to launch in October. Now it is imagined to release in February. I don’t suppose absolutely everyone even announced a postpone—it just slipped into the destiny as though the authentic date in no way existed, the proper way to delay a sport it really is approximately a corrupt government cracking down on civil liberties to keep residents secure.
Delay or no, The Occupation’s nonetheless one among my most expected video games for 2019. The recreation takes place over 4 real-time hours, with characters and events sticking to a strict time table. You play a journalist, seeking to find the information behind a lethal crime—but you need to make choices approximately what leads to pursue and the way to observe them. Do you meet with the government reputable you have got an appointment with? Or possibly blow them off and root thru a colleague’s empty workplace?
I’ve performed a variety of so-called “immersive sims” over the years, but none as ambitious as The Occupation. I hope the put off gave the crew sufficient time to exceptional-music the information.

Metro Exodus – February 15
Usually, these lists come to be outdated due to delays, however now not this time. The day once we recorded our 2019 preview video, Metro Exodus ($60 preorder on Humble) introduced it changed into transferring its launch date up every week, from February 22 to February 15. That takes it out of opposition with Anthem and places it returned up towards Crackdown three, as well as Far Cry: New Dawn.
Metro is the only I’m looking forward to maximum although. I loved the cramped corridor shooting of Metro 2033 and Last Light, and whilst I’m a chunk much less enamored with the concept of a pseudo-open-international Metro recreation I’m curious to look whether it really works, guiding Artyom on a few grand journeys via the Russian geographical region.

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