By Olivia Wile, Swimming World College Intern. After these days, there’s the most straightforward session left of the 2019 Japanese Swimming Championships in Tokyo. Over the final six days, swimmers have been seeking to qualify for the World Championships in Gwangju, South Korea.


The spotlight of nowadays become Shinichi Shioura’s new national record within the guys’ 50m freestyle. Just off the men’s, 100m fly document changed into Takaya Yasue; he’ll look to chase down that point the following day in finals. The entire lineup blanketed the men’s 200m backstroke final, women’s 200m returned semi very last, men’s and ladies’ 50 unfastened semifinal, women’s 800m freestyle very last, women’s 200m breaststroke final, guys 100m fly semi very last, ladies 50m fly final and guys 200m breaststroke final.

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Today’s consultation kicked off with the very last of the guys’ 200m backstrokes. After placing first yesterday in the semifinals, Ryosuke Irie got matters completed once more, losing nearly 3 seconds and winning with a time of one: fifty-five .79. This is off the country’s extensive record time, but a Gwangju Worlds A reduce.

Jumping from 5th, the day went by to 2d these days turned into Keita Sunama. He finished with a time of 1:56.06. Hayate Matsubara touched 1/3 (1:57.58). The fourth location with a time of 1:59.24 becomes Yuuma Edo. A close 5th (1:59.26) went to Ryota Naitou.
Just out of the 1:59 mark was Ryuka Ino and Yuuki Maruyama. I positioned 6th (2:00.04) with Maruyamataking seventh (2:00.Ninety six). Takahiro Yamazaki finished eighth.

Women’s 200m Backstroke Semi-Final

Several girls had been underneath the Worlds A cut inside the semi-final of the 200m lower back today. The top seed for the next day will visit Rio Shirai. She finished first with a time of two:09.93. All hitting A cuts as well were Anna Konishi touching 2d (2:10.62), Sayaka Akase putting 0.33 (2:10.Seventy three), and Natsumi Sakai finishing fourth (2:11.Forty eight).
Just off the cut was Marina Furubayashi getting to the wall fifth with two: eleven. 57. In 6th (2:12.Forty three) was Miki Takahashi with seventh (2:12.Ninety eight) going to Rika Yuhara. Aisa Mataki completed 8th (2:thirteen.12).

Women’s 50m Freestyle Semi-Final

It became Rika Oomoto, who took the pinnacle seed after the girls’ 50m loose semi very last. She got to the wall first with a time of 25.27, off the vector file and the A reduce. Finishing a near 2nd with a time of 25.30 became Aya Satou. In 0.33, with a time of 25.52, turned into Tomomi Aoki. Sayuki Ouchi completed fourth (25.56) with Mayuka Yamamoto a centesimal behind at a 25.Fifty-seven. Taking sixth (25.Sixty one) become Aki Nishida, while Shiho Matsumoto completed seventh (25.83). Mayu Terayama finished 8th (25.Ninety four).

Men’s 50m Freestyle Semi-Final

Setting a brand new national report and completing first with a time of 21. Sixty one turned into Shinichi Shioura. He will cross in as pinnacle seed for tomorrow’s very last.
Getting to the wall subsequent with a time of 22.18 become Koushirou Sakai. Katsumi Nakamura completed 0.33 (22.26), with Syunichi Nakao taking fourth (22.31).
Two, one-hundredths separated Akira Nanba and Kousuke Matsui. Nanba completed 5th (22.34), with Matsui taking 6th (22.36). In the 7th region with a time of 22.55 was Masayuki Kishida. Kazuki Kino finished eighth (22.Sixty one).

Women’s 800m Freestyle Final

It became Miyu Namba, who took first inside the final of the women’s 800m freestyle. She finished with a time of eight:30. Sixty-two, in A-reduce range, however out of national-file range. Finishing 2d with a time of 8:32. Fifty-seven was Waka Kobori, 1/3 (eight:33.33) went to Yukimi Moriyama. There became a chunk of a gap inside the area with Kinuko Mochiduki after the wall with an 8:38.Ninety-one. Taking fifth (8:38.91) became Chinatsu Satou.
In the sixth region with a time of eight:42.18 turned into Aoi Nakamura, Mayuko Gotou completed seventh (eight:42.24), and Asari Wada placed eighth (8: forty-seven. 60).

Women’s 200m Breaststroke Final Up next in the consultation became the girls’ 200m breaststroke final. Top seed Kanako Watanabe finished first with a time of 2:24.28, losing a 2nd from semi-finals. Shiori Asaba completed 2d with a time of two:25. Ninety-four, with Kako Ishida completing 1/3 (2:26.09) and Runa Imai taking fourth (2:26.87). In 5th place with a time of two:27.64 become Mai Fukasawa, 6th (2:27.79) went to Miho Takahashi. Finishing off the warmth became Satomi Suzuki in 7th (2:27.Ninety one) and Mei Ishihara in 8th (2:29.35).

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