Despite a cold and windy Saturday, the Lake City Falcons women rugby group jumps lower back into the spring season with both toes. The Falcons were playing teams from across the sector in an icebreaker style exhibition games as they shake off the cobwebs from the wintry weather. In attendance on the other facet of the sphere have been groups from Fort St. John, Smithers, Houston, and Prince George, who all brought a spirit of friendly but challenging competition.


Coach Morley Wilson, who has been educating the ladies rugby crew because 2012, said the cause of the day’s series of exhibition games was twofold. Firstly, each he and the opposing coaches desired to get their ladies returned on the sector and equipped for the approaching spring season. Still, secondarily they needed to get their new batch of referees some hands-on experience. Wilson said a maximum of these had been previously certified within the Williams Lake area. They had their registration expire all around the identical time in December, leaving them and not using reputable referees until now.

“In my opinion, (rugby is) the very first-class sport for ladies that I’ve seen. It allows the touch that a whole lot of women thrive on, there are the beautiful friendships, no longer simply with their teammates, but with their fighters,” Wilson said. “Studies show it builds self-assurance within ladies, and it’s not that volatile of a game,” Wilson said that he enjoys educating women rugby due to their particular technique to the game than boys. He said girls generally tend to listen greater and could observe precisely how he tells them to, at the same time as boys will if they see an opening, often go off play.

Still, he said he likes coaching each team and looks forward to doing so for the short spring season and next college year all through the autumn. Wilson brought that he and the team experience blessed to retain to get hold of the lake city community’s guide all through their season. “We’re hoping to do properly; we’re shooting for the top three if no longer the pinnacle crew in the province; that’s our primary intention,” Wilson said.

Wilson encourages any fascinated women from the lake city community to join the team, irrespective of what college they visit. The Falcons can be playing the following weekend at the 2019 Kamloops Rugby Fest. A Prince George Duchesses player leaps for the ball during an exhibition recreation in opposition to the LCSS Falcon’s Girls Rugby team on Saturday, April. 6, Patrick Davies photo.

LCSS Falcon’s Girls Rugby gamers placed the strain on a couple of Prince George Duchesses gamers. Patrick Davies photograph. The LCSS Falcon’s Girls Rugby group huddles up as Coach Morley Wilson dictates their approach for a chain of icebreaker exhibition games they played Saturday, April 6. Patrick Davie photograph.