SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) — Martial arts teacher George Freeman stated he believes each person has the right to defend themselves. And he is working to share that perception with others through a self-protection application for the blind on the Combative Academy of Traditional Martial Arts on Victory Drive in Savannah.

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“The community of blind humans and those with low vision are not represented at maximum faculties,” said Freeman, owner of KATMA. Freeman partnered with the Savannah Center for Blind and Low Vision to offer the class, which’s part of the 1 Touch Project, a complete descriptive self-defense program designed mainly for people who are blind. The 1 Touch Project is a palms-on self-protection method for coping with attacks, aggressive behavior, and bullying.

“It is a country-wide application with only four coaches in Georgia,” Freeman stated. “I am the only coach right here in the Savannah and Lowcountry location. I train martial arts, self-protection, and personal protection concepts here in Savannah.”
1Touch addresses the physical and mental reasons of insecurity and vulnerability through the empowering practice of arms-on, lively self-defense methods, self-protection concept, and discussions examining what makes someone insecure and why.

“It additionally establishes self-belief,” Freeman said. “Confidence is crucial for absolutely everyone. If you lack that self-belief, it indicates, and those who are predators can see that. So developing that self-belief turned into a key. And the elegance turned into well obtained by using Friday’s contributors. “The class became very thrilling,” said Corey Brooks. “I found out which you don’t ought to be strong to research those techniques to shield your self.”

Freeman said he hopes to provide an 8-week long course by using the summertime. And a few contributors say they are prepared. “Even though you’re imaginative and prescient impaired, you don’t have to be defenseless,” stated Sabrina Floyd. “This magnificence may be essential so that you don’t see yourself as prone and so society doesn’t see you as prone.”