Carlos Santana is a classic Baseball Guy. He speaks softly and contains a massive stick. He thinks sunflower seeds are for snowflakes and that youngsters must go out of doors to play.

Legendary baseball guy Carlos Santana smashed a TV with a bat to put a forestall to Fornite closing season 1

You won’t recognize loads approximately him. However, a new ESPN report tells you simply the whole thing you need to: In the midst of the Phillies’ 9-recreation dropping streak, last fall—which noticed the crew plummet underneath .500 after being the first vicinity of the NL East as past due as of August twelfth—Santana observed teammates gambling Fortnite inside the clubhouse inside the middle of a division rivalry game with the Atlanta Braves. Instead of scolding them or retreating into a veteran bubble as many gamers might have, Santana alternatively grabbed his bat and positioned it instantly through the TV. Do you pay attention to that rustling? That’s the sound of baseball hairdos anywhere crossing their legs.

Legendary baseball guy Carlos Santana smashed a TV with a bat to put a forestall to Fornite closing season 2

“I see a pair of gamers — I don’t want to mention names — they play video games at some stage in the game,” Santana said. “We come and lose too many games, and I experience like they were not involved approximately it. Weren’t respecting their teammates or coaches or the personnel or the [front] workplace. It’s not my persona. But I’m indignant due to the fact I want to make it properly.” And matters have been quite good for the Phillies this offseason, landing Bryce Harper and JT Realmuto, amongst (many) others, in an unfastened organization. It’s an all-in method to consider a failure if it produces anything much less than a World Series identify and if meaningless Fortnite, then so be it. But as fellow clubhouse lynchpin Jake Arrieta made clean, it doesn’t always mean no Fortnite…Specifically considering that Santana becomes traded back to Cleveland in December.

“You must set sure regulations and limitations,” said Arrieta on the to-Fornite or no longer-to-Fortnite debate. “Some humans like to lock in on their smartphone and watch a display. I’m OK with that. I do not care if you need to play Fortnite as much as a half-hour before the sport. If that’s what locks you in, I do not mind that. But at some point in the game? That’s one of a kind tale.

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