GOLETA, Calif. – Dos Pueblos High School in Goleta is underneath fireplace after a lawsuit filed in Santa Barbara Superior Court remaining month alleges some of the gamers on the school’s baseball group participated in a hazing incident towards a teammate.

Lawsuit alleges hazing incident via former Dos Pueblos baseball players 1

The lawsuit claims that, at the same time as on a subsidized spring ruin ride in Rancho Cucamonga ultimate March, as a minimum, seven former participants of the Dos Pueblos baseball team tricked a teammate into ingesting a doughnut that had been contaminated with “a potentially harmful foreign natural substance from their personal our bodies.” The lawsuit claims two boys conspired collectively to collect the overseas substance from individuals of the team, acquire it into a cup and “lather it onto a doughnut.”

The plaintiff in the lawsuit reportedly took bites of the doughnut, unaware of what was accomplished to it. The lawsuit additionally claims there were a couple of hazing incidents that befell in the course of the go for holiday at a motel in Ontario.

The lawsuit also alleges that coaches and chaperones for the ride had been out consuming instead of carrying out mattress exams or enforcing curfew and had been no longer round to intervene.

Dos Pueblos High School management became made aware of the incident after rumors circulated among the faculty. The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office was contacted to avoid any possiblehobbiesy because the college’s aid deputy turned into the pinnacle baseball train.

According to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office, the incident was investigated and interviews had been performed to affirm the reports. The case was sooner or later handed over to the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office. The case changed into also forwarded to the Ontario Police Department, which conducted a concurrent investigation. Both the Santa Barbara County and San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Offices, in the end, decided not to file crook expenses.

In February 2019, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office received statistics that of the former players had told others on the group now not to cooperate with the preliminary research. These allegations had been investigated and extra interviews had been carried out. Again, the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s workplace opted not to record crook costs.

In April, the plaintiff in the lawsuit is looking for economic repayment because of extreme emotional misery consisting of anxiety, embarrassment, and humiliation because of the incident. The Santa Barbara Unified School District and many gamers purported to be involved in the hazing incident are indexed as defendants.