The 30-yr-antique, who has 19 grand excursion level wins to his name, which includes 14 at the Tour de France, joined the outfit final year; however, he in no way managed to reproduce the form that made him one of the world’s nice sprinters.

“At this second, I am now not capable of educating and race at the very best stage,” Kittel stated in a statement that additionally thanked his group for all its support.

“For this reason, I have determined to take a break and take time for myself, reflect onconsideration on my dreams and make a plan for my future.”

Kittel terminates Katusha agreement to take destroy from biking 1

“It changed into for me an extended selection system wherein I raised a whole lot of query approximately how and where I need to move as someone and athlete and what’s clearly important to me.

“I love biking, and my ardor for this stunning recreation is by no means gone; however, I additionally recognize what it requires from me and what I need to be successful.”

Earlier this 12 months, Kittel spoke to journalist Sophie Smith approximately his hard transition from experiencing numerous victories to just a handful for her Procycling Magazine piece at the peloton’s intellectual health.

“You realize, after 2018, I discovered again what an enterprise it is that we’re in. It’s no longer a sport within the first vicinity, it is a enterprise, and that is something you don’t sincerely recognise as a neo-seasoned.

“It really is lots of expectation from different humans. If you are acting properly all people is happy, and if everything is not going to plot, then now not everybody is happy. That’s something you have to discover ways to deal with.

“A lot of it becomes black in 2018. I do not should conceal that it is going very brief that you are feeling that you’re for your very own after which it is difficult to look the motives why you’re clearly doing this.”