Folklore in the back of late Wing Chun grasp and teacher of kung fu star Bruce Lee is explored in the new 45-minute documentary Film’s maker famous how Lee became grew to become down while he asked his master to train him a few actions which he had no longer found out In a quiet Wing Chun dojo in Hong Kong’s Prince Edward, the stupid rhythmic thuds of fingers placing timber ring out, first slowly, then step by step growing in tempo. The lightning jabs, from a flurry of angles on the muk yan jong – or wooden dummy – come from Ip Chun, ninety-five, son of the mythical Ip Man.

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What Ip lacks in glamour and folklore surrounding his father, renowned because of the grasp of kung fu megastar Bruce Lee, he greater than makes up for together with his energy – his weekly agenda, eight lessons totaling 15 hours, on the pinnacle of regular journeys to Foshan and Shenzhen for classes, is traumatic for the general public his age.

How Ip Man helped flip a rebellious younger Hongkonger right into a Wing Chun master
“The principle of the use of softness to subdue energy is something that you can observe in existence. It’s a spirit you may use at paintings and in other factors,” Ip says. “I experience that the pleasant college students are the ones from the mainland. They admire their instructors, and they may be so from the coronary heart.”

The essence Ip expounds and his father – who is nearly synonymous with Wing Chun thanks to a series of biographical movies starring Donnie Yen Ji-dan – are captured inside the documentary The Legacy of Ving Tsun. Dr. Lee Ka-guy from Hong Kong Shue Yan University, who produced the forty-five-minute movie with HK$one hundred ten,000 (US$14,000) from The Lord Wilson Heritage Trust, reveals more magnificent historical nuggets: “When he changed into younger, Ip Chun become no longer interested in getting to know Wing Chun from his father. And Ip Man did now not pressure him.”

Lee, from the college’s journalism and verbal exchange branch, spent four years on the documentary, primarily based on well-sized interviews with Ip Chun after shadowing him throughout classes in the city and on the mainland. Parts of the movie will be proven at the university this Saturday, even as complete screenings for the general public will take vicinity later this year.

Bruce Lee was a fighter; Ip Man taught him to be a gentleman. Lee introduced Ip Chun: “He later felt that, because the eldest son of Ip Man, he had the responsibility to examine Wing Chun and pass it down. He also needed to discover ways to train it later to make a dwelling.”
She offers more perception into the tons-hyped courting between Ip Man and Bruce Lee. The elder Ip moved to Hong Kong from Foshan in 1949 and began coaching Wing Chun for the next 12 months. Bruce Lee becomes just a teen while he came beneath Ip’s tutelage.

Dr. Lee says that while it’s far well known that Bruce Lee learned Wing Chun from Ip Man and later advanced his very own fashion – Jeet Kune Do – it became Wong Shun-Leung, another master who was an apprentice of Ip Man, who spent the most time teaching Lee.
When Lee left Hong Kong in 1959 for his birthplace inside the US, he had not fully mastered Wing Chun. While in America, Lee wrote many letters to Wong, thanking him for the training. One of the letters is displayed at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum in Sha Tin.

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