Boaters might also need to wear lifestyles jackets at Bayou Boogaloo


One of the fine components of Bayou Boogaloo, the Mid-City song fest that takes location May 17 to 19, is the picturesque fleet of canoes, kayaks, inflatable rafts and domestic-built watercraft that bobs in Bayou St. John. For the primary time this year, a kingdom legit might be on the fest to assist make certain boat safety. As the Boogaloo management positioned it in a press assertion: “In 2019, the State’s Wildlife and Fisheries Department will patrol Bayou St. John to make certain human beings in boats and rafts are wearing life jackets and following different boating suggestions.”


Bayou Boogaloo manufacturer Jared Zeller said that he contacted state agencies to decide which branch might modify Bayou St. John boating and observed that the Wildlife and Fisheries Department was the right authority. He stated that one official will attend the festival every day basically to teach and advise boaters and swimmers.

“If they see something hazardous, they will take motion,” Zeller said, although he wasn’t certain what motion might be taken.

Asked for the specific safety measures which could practice to Bayou Boogaloo, a Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries representative wrote:

“The felony necessities are you have to have as a minimum one right fitting U.S. Coast Guard authorised personal flotation device for everyone on board each vessel. Also, in case you are 16 years of age or more youthful, you need to wear a properly fitting USCG accepted personal flotation tool whilst underway. You must actually have a sober operator of any vessel that is motorized.”

The Wildlife and Fisheries representative did no longer notice the departments enforcement policies. Based on a survey of pix and the video beneath, personal floatation devices have no longer been in common use at beyond Bayou Boogaloos and motorized vessels have been rare.

The Bayou Boogaloo control additionally emphasizes the want for boaters to do away with their craft by way of the give up of the pageant. “In quick,” their press advisory reads, “anyone the use of the bayou and its outer banks should easy up after themselves.”