Betting on U.S. Horse racing confirmed throughout-the-board declines in March, yr over yr, and wagering was down for the primary three months of 2019 compared to last yr, consistent with figures released using Equibase Friday.

In March, Wagering was down near to three percent, at the same time as handbags, race days, races, field sizes, and starts offevolved all saw comparable drop-offs. For the first area compared to 2018, the maximum of those regions confirmed decreases, although smaller, and handbags and everyday handbags consistent with race day grew during the length.
The facts provided by Equibase may be visible below. Of route, wagering is down. Santa Anita control’s remarkable decision to cease the $2 pick out six four months in the past drove away many of the largest bettors throughout the usa that preferred that wager. Lose the massive hitters, and your handle drops.

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Nah. The countrywide handle might be flawlessly exceptional, but for the 13 days of racing misplaced at SA throughout March. I’m now not keen on the 20 cents select six either. But it seems to handle at the least in addition to the $2 model. It treated, on avg 216K according to the card in March 2019, and they may be going to get a massive pool Saturday.

Nope. Your reaction lacks common sense. As you stated, Santa Anita became closed thirteen days in March. But the March by myself numbers above are better than the YTD numbers normal. Average wagering in keeping with race day decline YTD three.04% Vs. A much smaller decline in March alone of zero.64%. Also, wagering on US races a decline YTD of 3.Forty nine% vs. A more modest reduction in March alone of 2.83%. Excellent strive, though; however, the numbers genuinely display that the decline is worse while together with January and February numbers and at some stage in Santa Anita complete racing. I’m confident the large money bettors will go back while Del Mar opens in July.

Declines In a robust economy, with ninety% of taking care of off-track. Racing has consolidated loads inside the previous couple of years (as many of you have suggested). Without cope with racing, will die…..So what’s the solution? Yes, SA becomes closed for several days…But other tracks had been open for off-song betting.

When a top-notch winter area in SoCal isn’t running, all bettors go into reverse, even supposing they are at OTB/ADW on account that SA is a primary motivator. Moving handle to some other song = much less manage because of relative unfamiliarity. CA is this sort of massive betting marketplace (local and countrywide) that SA on my own can skew the numbers. Lottery players aren’t interested in handicapping, similar to slot players. There seems to be a region-huge shuffle in racino/casino ownership. In northeast Ohio, Hard Rock International sold Hard Rock