Bodybuilding.Com announced Friday that some of their employment-associated records could also be accessed in a statistics security incident.

The possible facts accessed might have been organization health plan subscriber statistics, such as blanketed fitness records of certain personnel and former employees.

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“While the Company has no evidence that private information changed into accessed or misused, Bodybuilding.Com is notifying modern and previous employees who are institution fitness plan enrollees and applicable dependents and beneficiaries, out of an abundance of warning,” Bodybuilding.Com said in a press release.

Law enforcement and security specialists are running with the organization to deal with any vulnerabilities. Bodybuilding.Com says it’s miles tracking its systems and including additional protection.

An investigation on the incident in April could not rule out that non-public data might also have been accessed. Information investigated should encompass human sources information and medical health insurance records, consisting of names, touch data, Social Security numbers, authorities identification records, dates of birth, institution health plan subscriber numbers, health claims fee data, and manner codes.