If you’re new to the world of angling or traveling with someone who is, you might be wondering how to plan a fishing trip that everyone will enjoy.

Sound familiar? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Finding the Best Fishing Charters

In this article, we’ll walk you through the basics of fishing charters and help you choose the right one. And, we’ll break it all down in simple terms that you’re sure to understand.

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Shared or Private

Are you hoping to book your own private fishing trip? Or, would you not mind sharing a boat with others?

A shared charter is often the more affordable choice. And, if you’re traveling with kids or sociable family members, they might enjoy the day more – and even make a friend or two.

But, if your group needs more one-on-one coaching, tons of fishing tips for beginners, or hands-on guidance, a private trip is likely your best bet.

Onshore or Offshore

How close to shore your fishing charter stays will determine what kind of fish you catch.

Onshore fishing trips stay closer to land, which usually makes for a shorter and calmer day on the water. This is especially important if you’re fishing with kids or anyone else who isn’t used to spending lots of time on a boat – or outdoors exposed to the elements.

Offshore fishing trips go out into blue water, often hours from the land. You’ll be fishing for larger species, less likely to be suitable for eating. And, you’ll likely catch less fish – but what you do catch will be larger and harder fighting.

Because offshore fishing trips tend to last longer and are more exposed to the elements, they are best suited to adults and experienced anglers.

Food or Sport

When it comes to fishing trips, there are two main goals to keep in mind – catch and release, or catch and cook.

Many fishing charters for kids focus specifically on fishing for sport rather than sustenance, as many junior anglers prefer to see their fish returned to the sea.

If you’re hoping to keep your catch, it’s essential to plan. Let your chosen charter know which species you’re hoping to bag to ensure that your captain takes you to the right spot and brings the right lures and bait along. You’ll also need to research the local fishing limits – what fish species you can keep and how many.

Fishing Charters for All

Now that you know a bit more about fishing charters, you’re probably excited to start planning your trip. That’s great news! You could be well on your way to planning outdoor fun for the whole family with an action-packed day of angling.

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