Washington girls’ rowing won the Karen Plumleigh Cortney Cup in varsity 4; the 0.33 varsity took home the Carley Copley Cup and incomes a silver medal in three different events on the very last day of the San Diego Crew Classic.

The top four-ranked girls’ programs in the united states dominated the five featured collegiate races. No.1 Washington received two runs, at the same time as No. 2 California, No. Three Stanford, and No. Four Texas received one each.


The women’s varsity eight began off extremely close as the top four boats (UW, Cal, Stanford, and Texas) have been neck-and-neck at 500 meters. Cal moved into the lead in the 2nd 500 meters in Cal, the UW, and Stanford. That order stayed equal at 1500 meters with the Bears many seats in the front of the Longhorns. Washington made a past due push at the end, but Cal (6:33.434) edged out Washington (6:35.132) to seize first.

It changed into clean from the start of the girls’ 2d varsity eight that the 3 Pac-12 entries (Cal, UW, and Stanford) could vie for the first vicinity. Stanford led at 500 meters, with Cal a near 2nd and Washington two seats also again. The Cardinal endured to maintain its lead and completed in first with a triumphing time of 6:39.198, while Washington published a 6: forty-one .980.

Stanford moved to the front of the sphere inside the girl’s varsity 4 out of the starting line. Washington’s four moved into the lead by way of the 250-meter mark. The Huskies have been still in the front at 1,000 meters, and that they had improved their lead by way of the 1,500-meter mark. The UW crossed the end line in 7:14.751, with Stanford completing with a time of seven:19.127.

For the ladies’ novice 8, the Longhorns jumped out to a full-duration benefit over the field’s relaxation within the first 500 meters. The Huskies closed the space in the 2nd 500. However, the Texas crew held its lead through the midway point. Texas maintained its advantage and won the race with 6: fifty-nine .358, with Washington completing in 7:05.076 for 2nd.

The day’s final race involved the girls 0.33 varsity eight because the Huskies were given off the line, beginning jumped in the front quickly. The Huskies had a half-period of open water over the rest of the sphere at the midway point. The Huskies rowed to a comfortable win with a time of seven:08.392, almost six seconds in advance of second-place Stanford.
The Huskies have a weekend off from competition and will face Ohio State and Michigan on April 20 in Henderson, Nevada.