Since my first time seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark, I decided to turn someday out to be much like Indiana Jones – visiting the globe while dodging massive rolling rocks interior tombs, interpreting ancient secrets and techniques, and deciding on the proper cup when life relied on it. Over my profession, I studied Anthropology at the Universities, circled the globe analyzing a ramification of cultures, and discovered the touring journalist’s approaches. And it changed into during one in every one of my travels, supplying journalism coverage of the Burton U.S.

 Water Sports

Open of Snowboarding inside the self-governing metropolis of Vail, excessive up inside the Colorado Rockies, wherein I met up with Bo Bridges – a real modern-day Indiana Jones. If you have any hobby in motion sports (otherwise, you’re a Tom Cruise film buff), possibilities are you’ve seen Bridges’ paintings in snow and surf guides – and likely on a film poster or billboard. And while he has come to be a world-famed advertising and marketing and exceptional arts photographer, Bridges yearns for more excellent, continuously following his heart into new demanding situations and clean territory, which has taken him to unique locations around the world, through dozens of countries as he chases his holy grail: capturing the spirit of every moment thru his lens.

Bridges didn’t have the traditional American start in college, as his relatives moved from Florida to Switzerland while he changed into sixteen. “The first aspect they did become take my license away, for the reason that legal using age in Switzerland is 18,” Bridges tells ASN. “My shuttle every manner to school became two hours. I rode a Mofa moped to catch the train to Lucerne, and then I’d take the quick educate to Zurich in which I got off in Zug. From there, I took the bus to the bottom of the mountain and then rode the funicular as much as the pinnacle. This was my trek each day.” His day by day go back and forth would eventually enhance. It changed into at the American International School in Zurich, in which Bridges developed a growing hobby in pictures. “My ceramic instructor asked me to take his pictures magnificence,” reminisces Bridges. “I jumped in there and fell in love with the darkroom manner, double exposures, the whole lot approximately it.” Upon returning to the US, Bridges attended Miami University in Ohio, to begin with as a sports activities advertising and marketing essential, but ultimately talked his manner into the pleasant arts branch without a portfolio.

“I performed rugby, finished my EMT certification, and were given a minor in marine biology,” says Bridges. “I just desired to be out of doors, journey, and paintings outdoor. During my senior 12 months, I additionally got my pilot’s license, thinking I would possibly need to emerge as a bush pilot, taking people fishing in distant places.”

With his pilot’s license and a digital camera, Bridges named himself an aerial photographer, composing landscapes from the sky while flying small aircraft. “I would fly over these incredible styles of soy and cornfields, bank the aircraft sideways, open the window, and shoot over my shoulder,” Bridges tells ASN. It most practical made experience that Bridges based his first commercial enterprise on taking pictures aerial pictures of prestigious waterfront homes and commercial enterprise once again, home in Florida. “Then I met these women from Vail, Colorado, who advised me I must move there and shoot the motion on the mountain,” he continues. “I decided to provide that an attempt, packed up my Pathfinder, and moved to Vail on New Year’s Eve.”