Some Dubai citizens are swapping their cars for bicycles, electric powered-powered scooters, or skateboards for higher mobility and assisting promote a cleaner and greener surrounding.
They accept that the idea of wholesome city surroundings starts offevolved with the advertising of opportunity kinds of shipping – including cycling – which are handy and help them save time and money. Of path, one proscribing factor within the UAE is the weather. No rely on how well physical interventions for promoting biking are implemented; the heat, mainly throughout summer, can affect this mode of transport’s reputation. “But biking, e-scooters, or even skateboards can be used as the first and last mile solutions, alongside the use of public shipping,” Dubai resident and Filipino ex-pat Jeth Soliman instructed Khaleej Times. “For instance, I use my e-scooter and hop on the Metro to attain paintings,” he defined.

He brought: “Dubai has hugely improved its infrastructure for network-extensive use of opportunity shipping, and it has become convenient for residents living and working in numerous new groups in Dubai to apply their bikes or scooters.” However, except for infrastructure improvements, it requires a focus on instructing bicycle riders and motorists alike to assure their safe interplay, according to Thomas Edelmann, founder and coping with the director of RoadSafetyUAE. Edelmann mentioned that bicycle riders are inclined and accordingly require devoted and safe lanes.

“Expanding bicycle infrastructure has many blessings related to the reduction of road site visitors, visitors congestion and CO2 pollutants as well as high-quality health effects for the riders. It’s a worldwide fashion for the opportunity, and sustainable transportation and a bicycle trip can absolutely play a crucial position. It could suit UAE’s towns properly to include this international fashion,” he underlined.

Meanwhile, a few residents and motorists have complained of “irresponsible driving” through some scooter riders. This precipitated the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to suspend condominium operations of scooter-sharing apps in Dubai temporarily.
A senior RTA reputable also clarified to Khaleej Times that as in step with the Federal Traffic Law 21 of 1991, e-scooters are categorized as motorcycles and not allowed on roads classified as right-of-manner, which includes highways, shoulder roads, and public pathways, except they are licensed through the RTA.

The RTA stated it’s far “considering the technical and legislative requirements to allow the operation of electric scooters similarly to the conditions and commitment of scooter drivers.”
“But you can use your e-scooters in closed areas, or if they are allowed using the Dubai Municipality, along with in parks and the campuses,” Mousa Al Raeisi, director of Monitoring and Enforcement at RTA’s Licensing Agency, stated.

He added that the RTA isn’t always the first government entity that has enforced a ban on e-scooters to use the roads designed for automobiles. “Safety and clean transportation for all are our priorities. We are completing the have a look at and will come up with relevant laws, consisting of, probably the licensing of e-scooters like what we require for motorcycles,” Al Raeisi referred to.

So, at present, what are the legal guidelines and rules governing the usage of bicycles and other non-licensed modes of shipping and mobility? The RTA stated as according to Federal Law No 21: “Cyclists shall keep on with the right aspect of the street and they’re prohibited from driving their bicycles on pavements. In case a special tune for bicycles is to be had, they shall keep on with the usage of the same and will not go away it except its miles necessary to accomplish that.” Bikes are also required to be ready with a chief headlight and red rear light and reflector inside the rear.

Another regulation is that bikes may not be leased to kids under 15 years of age. While on the streets, cyclists shall force their bicycles in a single unmarried document, one after every other. They are prohibited from searching for motor vehicles’ assistance to drag or pull their bicycles or deliver humans unless the bicycle is outfitted for that motive.
Cyclists shall additionally put on defensive helmets on their heads always.

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