Kristian Wilkes says little Logan, who he insists only plays on his PlayStation for a “few hours a night,” would regularly bang at the ground or shout down for beverages mid-gaming session. Tired of ready on his son and dragging himself up and downstairs, he sold an animal bottle feeder and connected it to the teen’s bunk mattress. And remarkably, it’s labored a treat, as Logan has started out ingesting from it. Kristian, 33, said it was “the high-quality £2.50 I’ve ever spent”. He added: “I turned into uninterested in him shouting down for a drink. “When he’s online gaming, he of the path can not depart his bedroom. “He best performs on it for a few hours a night time; however, whilst he is, he’s continuously banging or shouting down for a drink.

“Then whilst he has one, he spills them.

“I joked that I’d get him a hamster bottle, so he failed to want to bother me.
“Then whilst we were out the opposite day, I found a massive one – probable for a rabbit.
“So he came in, and I’d stuck it to the aspect of his bunk-bed, so whilst he lies down in mattress, he only wishes to turn his head for a drink. “He did not even be aware, and he turned into laying there for 20 mins. “Then he shouted down, ‘Dad, why have I were given a gerbil bottle on the side of my bed?’” Kristian, a shipping motive force from Ebbw Vale, Wales, has been so inspired together with his personal handiwork that he’s now thinking about getting certainly one of his very own to ease his hangovers.

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He delivered: “He used it that night as nicely. It turned into wonderful. I did not ought to be up and down the steps getting him liquids. “I did it as a shaggy dog story – I don’t need people to think I’m a pushover or something. “I just did it for fun to poke a laugh out of him.
“But a lot of humans had been announcing what a remarkable idea it became.
“I’ve said to his mother; I’m going to get him one of these hats with the straws wrapped around them.

“It’s an excellent idea, and he does not have to depart his sport. “I’ve got a 4-year-vintage daughter too, and she’s truly demanding, so it is a chunk of a nightmare when I’m seeking to find her out when he’s shouting for a drink. “I’ve had to ban him from taking cups up there due to the fact manifestly I’ll find them under his bed and everywhere in the place.”
After sharing his new invention, Kristian has emerged as a success along with his son’s friends’ mother and father, who’s even thinking about the concept themselves. Kristian stated: “Logan’s buddies have seen the humorous side, and he is taking part in the eye now.

“Even a number of their parents have commented what a first-rate idea it’s far.
“I’ve no longer had any poor feedback – all people I’ve spoken to appear to be giving the concept thought. “It’s a splendid idea for hangovers too – I may have a healthy one next to my mattress as well.”