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To be honest, I have not yet met people from the IT field who would not like games. Each of them is a fan of the gameplay, someone plays on a computer, someone uses consoles, and some do it all on a mobile phone.

In general, everyone from this world and beyond spends some time doing a such very exciting thing. So we decided to get my old but very beloved Xbox 360 console out of the bins and write a series of articles on this topic. Today we will tell you how you can change the profile picture of the player.

So, let’s have a look at the article below

What Is Xbox PFP or Gamepic?

Your Profile Picture is your face on the Xbox network, which other players will see unless you have prevented this information from being shown in your privacy settings.

You can set the background of your profile page yourself: Change the theme, set the Gamer pics from the suggested options, or upload your own (keep in mind that using your image as a gamer pic will only be possible after it has been approved by the Xbox app moderators).

Instead of a static picture or Xbox gamerpic, you can also create a fully 3D own Avatar with custom animation. The Biography and Location lines are something that you can fill in arbitrarily, roughly speaking, this is what you would like to tell others about yourself. And, of course, at any time you can change the name of your profile, and use a custom image, you can also customize your profile on Xbox, though not for free.

Gamerpics or Xbox PFP are customizable icons. These icons are generally used as profile pictures for Xbox accounts. You can select customize profile pictures from a wide variety of options available on the Xbox console already or can be customized using the user’s Avatar.

Over time more gamer pics have been included in the Xbox series. At launch, gamer pics were just abstract images that were created by the community. However, over time additional icons have been included in the Xbox button from various other games like Gears, Halo, and Minecraft.

Xbox One Gamerpics

On Xbox One as well as Xbox Series X|S consoles, you will get more than 576 distinct Gamerpics that you can choose from for new games. This varies from images associated with different franchises of Xbox and other abstract art forms designed by Xbox and also the community. You can also upload your image for Gamerpics in case you are 18+ or if you use your avatar as your Gamerpic.

Since there are a lot of Gamerpics available for Xbox consoles, if we want to name and show them all, we will have to create a separate page.

Xbox 360 Gamerpics

Many people saw the traditional Xbox 360 Gamerpics as a whiff of Xbox’s history. Whereas the images are reflected fondly to this day, this seemed that Xbox had truly moved on for a while from the previous avatars.

Nevertheless, in recent periods the platform owner truly has worked hard to enhance the Xbox 360 Gamerpics quality on newer Xbox consoles when a fan stated on Twitter that over the generations, their avatar had shrunk. Now, the older Xbox Gamerpics are getting the latest versions as well.

How To Create A Custom Xbox Profile Picture PFP On Your Computer

Let’s look at the way to create a custom Xbox profile picture (PFP) on a Computer. Xbox is mainly a Microsoft brand, so there’s an app already available that ties the 2 systems.

This app is known as “Xbox Companion” as well as this permits you to attach your XBOX to your PC, letting you access all of your messages, games, and so many more from your computer. So, creating a custom Xbox profile picture on your PC is not a big deal.

Let’s know the steps to do it properly without any hassle.

Step 1

In the first step, open the Xbox app and click on the “Change Avatar” option.

It is easy to use, as well as once you connect your PC to Xbox, you just open the app as well as simply click on the “Change Avatar” option

This will show you a screen. On this screen, you can select upload to upload an image from your previously created avatar or choose from a wide range of pre-installed images.

Step 2

Now save the selected image or uploaded avatars

Once uploading is done, save the selected image or uploaded avatar. You can even set the desired size of the selected image or uploaded avatar, which will make it easier to perfectly fit in the profile picture segment.

Step 3

It is time to see the new image

As soon as you are done with resizing and saving the image, now you can return to your XBOX as well as see the new profile picture. In case your Xbox profile picture (PFP) hasn’t yet changed, then you will be able to see the new image as soon as you log in to the profile next time.

How To Change The Xbox Profile Picture (PFP) With A Custom Gamerpic

Now it is time to move on and learn how to change your Xbox profile picture (PFP). First off, you will need to go ahead to the settings page of XBOX.

Here you will find a unit called “Profile Picture”, you will see a complete list of images you could select from.

If you click on any of these images will let you view the image, nevertheless, you will not capable of adding it to your Xbox profile. Rather, you will have to visit the Companion App of Xbox again. So, here are the steps to change the Xbox profile Picture (PFP) with a custom Gamerpic

Step 1

First, click on the “Upload Image” option

This time, rather than clicking on the “Change Avatar” option, you will have to click on the “Upload Image” option. From here, bow you can easily browse through the local files on your device until you see a suitable image for your Xbox Profile Pictures.

Step 2

Now, resize your image

As soon as you are done with the image selection procedure, you can crop the selected image to resize it or make it smaller to whatever size you would like. After finishing resizing, you can save the image and go on to the next step.

Step 3

Finally, apply the image to your Xbox Profile Picture (PFP)

Now that you have saved the image, return to the XBOX settings. Here, select the chosen image that you just uploaded. Then, you can simply apply the image to your Xbox profile picture (PFP) by selecting the “Use Image” option.

That is it! You have successfully changed the Xbox profile picture (PFP)!


Regardless of your preferred method of choosing and uploading the custom gamerpic to change your Xbox profile picture, Microsoft will confirm any image you select to use. For example, if you chose a monkey or a Panda, no matter which image you select, Microsoft will verify it.

Microsoft tries to confirm the online safety of every single user and also wishes to confirm that no indecent or harmful images are being uploaded to the platform of Xbox for anybody to see.

Sadly, this may indicate that there’s a slight hold on your custom image showing on the Xbox profile by the time Microsoft verifies the uploaded image. However, you do not have to worry as long as you do not upload indecent or harmful images.




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