If a car ever broke the internet, it might be this. And we got a risk to stand up close and personal with India’s first (mid) rear-engined, rear-wheel force Volkswagen Polo. It’s got the 1. Eight-litre TSI rapid from the Ameo Cup automobile, rated at 205PS and 320Nm torque at the wheels, and a six-speed sequential gearbox from 3MO. But what makes it extreme is that it includes its engine in an area typically reserved for the maximum exclusive of supercars. It wasn’t built using a few boutiques in Europe both, and it became constructed by way of the VW Motorsport India group in Pune!

VW Motorsport's RWD Polo: What it's virtually like 1

Sirish Visa, head of VW Motorsport, says, “We’re searching at the Customer Sport tune cars as an alternative for customers jogging their supercars at the track. The fees can cause a speedy spiral, what with the supercars desiring service, brake, tires, and many others every few tune days. With something like the Polo RX, you get all the laugh you want at a fraction of the charge.”

This ‘iciness undertaking,’ as they are calling it, was built within the scraps of spare time between the near of last yr’s season and making ready for the following. “I’ve constructed this vehicle in my head approximately 15 instances before we got down to building it for real,” Sirish feedback, and that without the meticulous planning, engineering, and measuring executed before even touching the metallic, the build might’ve taken ways, far longer than the spectacular 10 days that it did. Turning the front-engined, front-wheel drive hatchback into this isn’t as easy as taking the engine and plonking it into the back.

Starting with an Ameo Cup automobile, substantially, the entire engine became reduce out from beneath the hood, apron, sub-body, and all. And it is then welded well into the distance that would’ve been taken up by the rear seats. To be capable of doing that, the team needed to regulate quite a lot the entirety from the B-pillar again. The entire floor plan at the rear was cut out, and the suspension mounting points had to be moved beside returned, intending to shape the 1.8-liter turbocharged engine and sequential gearbox as is; even the driveshafts failed to want any amendment. The gasoline tank became eliminated and changed via a gasoline cell, sitting underneath the hood just in advance of the front axle. The intercooler is placed low, almost below the ground stage, and is fed air from the bottom of the automobile, way to a touch plate that allows a few air drift directly to it. To pinnacle matters off, the Polo’s shell became delivered.

Calling the Polo RX rear-engined isn’t always totally correct, although. The engine sincerely merely sits ahead of the rear axle, making this Polo even more proper because it is mid-engined. Desirable because, at the same time as the Polo Cup vehicle had front-to-rear weight stability of 65:35, this monster is some distance toward impartial, with a forty-five: fifty-five balance. Luckily, the gasoline cell handiest holds around 25-30 liters of fuel, so the burden stability doesn’t exchange too drastically closer to the quiet of a tune day consultation.