Tuesday Morning Fly By: Ahh yes, we still have video games


*There is a Philadelphia Flyers hockey game tonight. In Dallas. Which method it isn’t till 830. Something you’ll need to live up late on a Tuesday to observe. Anyhoo, as is our way, before we pass on to the subsequent recreation, right here’s what we found out from the final. [BSH]
*And as is his manner, Charles hasten matters. [The Athletic]
*With nothing left to consciousness on this season, it makes sense to assume that the Flyers may be turning their attention to the offseason and the way to improve the team for next yr. [Courier-Post]
*Speaking of the offseason, it’s going to be a massive one for the Flyers. And it remains to be visible what value the group will undergo to stepped forward markedly. [Philly.Com]
*There sincerely was just no overcoming the disastrous begin to this season. The complete they dug earlier than the front workplace shakeup changed into merely too broad. Way too deep. [NHL.Com]
*Have you been wondering what John Boruk thinks of this team’s central leadership and its values? No? Well, right here it’s miles besides. [NBC Sports Philly]
*And eventually, possibilities! No playoffs for the huge boys, however, the kids nevertheless have a few hockey left. Here’s how they’ve been doing. [BSH]

Maybe. I assume it’s hard responsible Gordon when they had this kind of enormous mountain to climb. The agenda becomes pretty tricky at the give up, and they had been gambling like every game become their closing for two months. It’s difficult to preserve bringing that type of intensity for that lengthy – especially while your opposition is better than you. All this being said, he’s sincerely not my choice as subsequent season head instruct, however more significant because of different more magnificent successful coaches obtainable and less how Gordon has done these previous few months.
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If you throw the OTL in with the reg losses, they’re a .500 crew because he took over. They had a pleasing eight-game triumphing streak once they beat a few suitable groups. They also had an eight-game losing streak and lost 10 out of 12 for the duration of that run. I might desire the Flyers ought to do better.
Posted via Eyma1243 on Apr 2, 2019, stated it in an earlier post of his however the record (stats as well) without a doubt suggests how the average of a team we are. We started the season with AMac nonetheless in our pinnacle six, had much desire that the younger guys would play above their roles, Elliott would look like his better self, and our few elite forwards could keep career like years. It usually felt like plenty had to move right for us.
The most significant difference between this 12 months and the beyond few seasons is that we’re on the upswing with this team, not the downswing. Hexys general plan became continually to make this group a contender for some years – no longer just one. Everyone desires the playoffs, but do they don’t forget just a few years in the past while Taylor Leier turned into our great prospect? The truth that we can come up with the money for to trade some of our men for high-quality NHL gamers without affecting our prospect intensity is lovely – in all my years as a Flyers fan, I cannot consider while this changed into the case. It sucks to be average, and experience like matters haven’t modified; however, I desire human beings can recall the proper history of in which we came from as opposed to trying to examine character seasons handiest.

But to mention we’re on an upswing is asking at a character season. Hart and TS help however are we indeed higher now at this point then we were one year in the past or is it a lot in the direction of the popularity quo. We will finish with fewer points and fewer dreams scored when the number of desires scored is up over the last yr. We can do a post mortem on every players season, and I suppose we can locate some have been higher and some worse. I don’t assume any of our younger players had earth-shattering development type years. It seems to me a considerable chunk of the we’re moving within the proper route is because of Hart. We suppose we know what we’ve with Hart; however, it has been a small pattern. I assume the group may be very a great deal an unfinished work that the jury continues to be out on
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But to mention we are on an upswing is asking at an individual season.
I might argue that factor, mainly using pointing at the number of pleasant children we have. We have six defensemen under the age of 25, four of them who’re effect defenseman. We have seven forwards 26 or below, 3 to 4 of who can be known as effect forwards. The capability for boom amongst those players is excessive – and that’s now not even counting Hart/Frost/Farabee.
Going again to fifteen-16, we’ve got 5 Dmen 25 or beneath. Two of them are Ghost and Gudas; the others are Manning, Schenn and MDZ. Forwards 26 or under there are eight with Coots, Laughton, Baby Schenn and Jake with the relaxation being Weal, Gagner, Cousins, Leier. It severely is a night and day difference. I don’t assume I’m searching at it with the aid of a single season at all – children are coming in with a purpose to keep growing.
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I do not blame Gordon for the past due dropping streak
But I do maintain him chargeable for the D STILL no longer playing decent positional hockey and leaving men of their area WIDE open. Yes, that is a hakstol hangover however he did now not cure it one little bit.
Posted by Puck out o luck on Apr 2, 2019, cannot shoot threes. Yes, it’s also Hinkie’s fault due to the fact he’s evil and tanked, but if Gordon has been true teaching, Ben Simmons might be a three-point threat proper now.

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