Star Boxing CEO Joe DeGuardia had this to say about the signing, “We are thrilled to have Junior Almonte be part of our crew. He’s a talented younger boxer who has what it takes to move all the manner. We can be bringing him to the USA soon.” For his element, Almonte’s manager Frank Aybar commented, “Signing with Star Boxing and Joe DeGuardia is a dream come actually. Star Boxing and Joe De Guardia are fulfillment tales. Junior may have a robust fan base in New York.  The child-faced Almonte nicknamed “Bombita” (Little Bomb) changed into a beginner megastar (ninety-two-eight) with victories over 4 Olympians. He is presently ranked twenty fourth via the WBC.


I g­­e­­­­t p­­­­a­­­­i­­­­d o­­­­v­­­­e­­­­r $­­nine­­0 p­­e­­r h­­o­­u­­r w­­o­­r­­okay­­i­­n­­g f­­r­­o­­m h­­o­­m­­e w­­i­­t­­h 2 ok­­i­­d­­­­s a­­t h­­o­­m­­e. I n­­e­­v­­e­­r t­­h­­o­­u­­g­­h­­t I­­’­­d b­­e a­­b­­l­­e t­­o d­­o i­­t b­­u­­t m­­y b­­e­­s­­t f­­r­­i­­e­­n­­d e­­a­­r­­n­­s o­­v­­e­­r 1­­0­­k a m­­o­­n­­t­­h d­­o­­i­­n­­g t­­h­­i­­s a­­n­­d s­­h­­e c­­o­­n­­v­­i­­n­­c­­e­­d m­­e t­­o t­­r­­y. T­­h­­e p­­o­­t­­e­­n­­t­­i­­a­­l w­­i­­t­­h t­­h­­i­­s i­­s e­­n­­­­d­­l­­e­­­­s­­s. H­­e­­r­­e­­s w­­h­­a­­t I’v­­e b­­e­­e­­n d­­o­­i­­n­­g,

Undefeated featherweight prospect Joseph “Tigre” Landeros (15-zero, 15 KOs) will face Ricardo “Tanque” Rojas Ramirez (10-2, 7 KOs) for the WBC Youth Silver title within the essential occasion of a double championship card scheduled for April 13th on the Buffalo Wild Wings Arena in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico and offered by way of Boxing Club Promotions.
Landeros, of Riverside, California, entered the expert boxing ranks at age 15 and therefore needed to combat all his bouts in Mexico. Now 18 years old and capable of combat in the United States, Landeros is headed down Mexico way again to take this possibility to claim his first international identity.

In the co-major occasion, Rialto, California flyweight Ricardo “Nino” Sandoval (14-1, 9 KOs) will fight undefeated Giovani González (10-0, 7 KOs) in a ten rounder for the WBC Intercontinental Youth title. The Bronze Bomber was criticized ultimate week for turning down DAZN’s $100million multi-combat provide as he continues to make negotiations tough.
With Anthony Joshua already signed with the streaming provider, they even protected two bouts with the Watford-born big name as part of their proposal to secure American television rights. But the wait will now go on for the heavyweight contest that every boxing fan wants to see.

Joshua will tackle Jarrell Miller in New York on June 1 at Madison Square Garden and re-evaluate his options after the combat. Meanwhile, Deontay Wilder has been ordered to defend his WBC belt in opposition to Dominic Breazeale in May after plans for a rematch with Tyson Fury broke down. The 33-yr-old has in view that defended his choice and claimed that he desires to make the combat which he’s positive will show up at the right time. “If the whole thing may be labored out, that might be tremendous. The verbal exchange isn’t ever closed. Nothing is ever out of the verbal exchange,” Wilder informed Richard Poxon’s Podcast.
“Sometimes things take time, and ego plays a part, but matters come collectively at the right time.